King Tomato heralded in Jakarta

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King Tomato heralded in Jakarta

Fresh Grow International has launched its King Tomato range in Indonesia’s capital amid fanfare and celebrities

King Tomato heralded in Jakarta

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Expanding its reign from Indonesia’s popular holiday island Bali, Fresh Grow International has launched the King Tomato in the country’s capital.

The Indonesian agricultural company kicked off promotions for the locally grown tomato with a marquee event at the Empirica Club in Jakarta on 25 March.

Alongside celebrity chef Farah Quinn, local singers, models and TV presenters, the King Tomato was the shining star of the carnival-themed night.

Fresh Grow spent 18 months trialing the tomato range at hotels, retailers and restaurants in Bali, during which sales grew 300 per cent, before taking the King Tomato to Jakarta’s metropolitan market.

The tomato range is sold as a lower-cost, locally grown option for Indonesian consumers, with Fresh Grow teaming up with retailers including Hypermarket, Food Hall, Aeon and Lokamart to promote the King Tomato.


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