Decofrut launches Bangkok operation

For fresh fruit and vegetable marketing and distribution in Asia
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Decofrut launches Bangkok operation

Inspection provider sees demand for its services and competition rise in Asia

Decofrut launches Bangkok operation

Decofrut president Manuel Alcaino

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Chilean-based inspection and information provider Decofrut has opened a small operation in Bangkok. The move comes as the company sees demand for its in-market inspection services continue to rise from exporters targeting Asian markets, including Hong Kong, Taiwan South Korea and, most evidently, China.

“Our inspected volumes, from our regular customers, as well as from new customers, increase every year,” says Decofrut president Manuel Alcaino. “China has led the way and clearly the volumes are tending to decompress in Guangzhou in favor of other markets such as Shanghai and Tianjin. This brings the complication of having to send inspectors to these places, but we are happy to do it since we understand is in benefit of the fruit.”

Alcaino said the growing demand for inspection services within the Asian market is leading to a rise in the number of companies entering the sector. He added that Decofrut’s commitment to fine detail continued to position it as a leader within the sector.

“Competition is always a factor, in Asia as well as in other markets, and the point of difference that we have defined is the same for all markets; we have permanent operations in a number of countries with solid teams of inspectors, who are directed by experienced office managers,” Alcaino explained. “We are the biggest in this activity and having this volume behind us means we can appoint permanent offices in all our major destinations.”

Alcaino said the most common defects Decofrut detects relate to the incorrect movement of cold air within reefer containers, which creates hot spots in the cargo.

“These hot spots are always in the top boxes of the pallets near the door of the container, which are commonly the ones that are inspected and used to judge the quality of complete container,” he said. “That is why stowing the container properly makes a significant difference in the arrival of the fruit.”

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