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Indonesian opening for Australian mangoes

Commercial volumes set to enter Asian nation this season, as industry ramps-up focus on exports

Indonesian opening for Australian mangoes

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Indonesia looms as the next Asian frontier for Australia’s mango industry, as the sector builds towards its goal of exporting 20 per cent of the national crop by 2020.

Having signed a new import protocol with the South East Asian nation last year, Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA) chief executive Robert Gray told ABC Rural that commercial traders would slowly but surely pursue opportunities in the market over the coming years.

“Whilst the initial volumes will be small to moderate, we think it's a good investment in our long-term future as an industry," Gray said. "There's no reason why over the next five or 10 years Indonesia can't be up there with markets like New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong or Singapore, as a significant part of our trade.”

Gray said sales programmes for the upcoming season would likely target high-end Indonesian consumers. Sensing an opportunity to service the section of the market, Hong Kong-based Plantations International has incorporated an Indonesian subsidiary to start handling Australian imports. According to a release issued by PR Newswire, the operation will specialise in handling Australian-grown Kensington Pride mangoes, which fill a “strong consumer demand that outstrips current supply levels.”

Gray said marketers would be able to capitalise on the safe, clean and green image of Australian products in the Indonesian market, which has been established by other commodities being traded into the Asian nation. He added that the opening of another market window fitted well with the industry’s growth strategy, which is geared towards boosting exports.

"Developing these export markets gives us a broader spread of customers. It gives us the potential to grow our production without oversupplying our existing markets, particularly our domestic market," Gray said.

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