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Watermelon pitched as heat remedy in Japan

Japanís Suika Club has held watermelon tastings across the country to promote consumption to avoid heat stroke and heat exhaustion

Watermelon pitched as heat remedy in Japan

Image: Japan Times

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Japan’s Suika Club held watermelon-tastings nationwide on 27 July, pitching the fruit as a remedy to heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

Consumers at more than 30 locations across Japan were treated to tastings of watermelon and booklets promoting the health benefits of watermelon during summer.

“You should eat watermelon before going outside, such as to the beach. It can prevent your body temperature from rising too high,” Toshihiro Hagihara, Suika Club spokesman and founder, told the Japan Times.

Well-known Japanese weather forecaster Minoru Kihara also took part in the event, advising people that it would be a good idea to consume watermelon during the forecast long and hot summer.

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