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India’s exports to Qatar jump

Since neighbouring Arab countries announced sanctions on Qatar, India’s exports to the country have increased

India’s exports to Qatar jump

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India’s exports of fruit and vegetables to Qatar have risen 15 per cent in two weeks, according to the Business Standard.

India has joined several nations including including Iran, Turkey, Morocco and Oman, which have all increased shipments to Qatar since neighbouring Arab nations cut diplomatic ties and trade with the country.

The UAE, Saudi Arabia Egypt, Bahrain and Yemen cut links with Qatar earlier this month citing concerns that Qatar was supporting and financing terrorism – charges that Qatar has denied.

The Business Standard is reporting that in the past few weeks, importers in Qatar’s capital Doha have begun importing direct from India, including via airfreight.

“While fruit and vegetables exports to Qatar have increased in the past two weeks, the demand has not reached its limit due to Ramadan,” Anil Patil, owner of Indian exporter Incoexcofarms told the Business Standard. “Once this festival is over next week, new orders would start pouring in from Qatar.”

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