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Aussies up avocado consumption

Australians are now smashing 3.5kg of avocados each year

Aussies up avocado consumption

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Australian consumed 86,000 tonnes of avocados in the past 12 months, averaging 3.5kg of avocados per person.

That’s a step up from the 3.2kg of avocados consumed per person during 2015/16m according to Avocados Australia CEO John Tyas, and cements Australians as some of the biggest avocado consumers in the English-speaking world.

“People now know ways to use avocados at every meal, from the smashed avo at breakfast to avocado chocolate mousse for dessert, and that means they’re also buying avocados more often,” he said.  “It’s also great news for farmers, as production levels are expected to continue to increase to more than 100,000 tonnes nationally within the next eight years.”

Australian avocado production is on track to hit a record 75,000 tonnes in 2017/18, up from 66,000 tonnes in 2016/17, with New Zealand supplying around 20,000 tonnes last summer.

“We now have avocados growing in all states and the wide range of climates where avocados are grown means consumers can find fresh, Australian avocados for sale year-round,” Tyas said.



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