New look for Pretty Lady Vineyards

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New look for Pretty Lady Vineyards

Leading US grape grower-packer-marketer unveils new name and packing option

New look for Pretty Lady Vineyards

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California-based Sunlight International is now trading under the name Pretty Lady Vineyards. The move is aimed at aligning with one of the company’s most recognizable grape brands, Pretty Lady.

“The Pretty Lady grapes brand has become so recognizable to consumers, we felt that it was time to better align our company name with our most popular label,” said co-owner and president Nick Dulcich. 

“This new name reflects an effort on our end to be more easily recognizable to fans of our grapes around the world.”

Along with the new name, the company will offer Pretty Lady grapes in a new 3lb (1.3kg) top seal pack.

“We’re really excited about the 3lb top seal containers, and are already getting some great feedback from our retail partners about bringing these into their produce departments,” said Dulcich.

“Consumers will appreciate the additional pack size option, and we anticipate that retailers will see strong profits through the fourth quarter with Pretty Lady Grapes.”


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