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US apples hit with 20 per cent trade tariff

After a Trump administration trade spat increasing tariffs on steel and aluminium, Mexico has hit back

US apples hit with 20 per cent trade tariff

Washington apples

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Mexico is the latest country in a firing line of tariff increases from the US. Recently, it pushed up tariffs on steel and aluminium to the country by 20 per cent.

Complying with World Trade Organisation guidelines, Mexico has now retaliated with a 20 per cent tariff on US apple imports.

A majority of the impact will be felt by Washington State, which produces around 65 per cent of the country’s apple crop, and 90 per cent of the country’s apple exports.

“Any tariff is clearly going to have economic impact to our industry – especially when you consider its cumulative effect along with the tariffs imposed by China and expected within the next few weeks from India, also major Washington apple export markets, in retaliation to US steel and aluminium tariffs” said Todd Fryhover, president of the Washington Apple Commission.

“The economic impact to individual growers will vary depending on the strategic importance of Mexico to their sales, but collectively Washington apple growers will see a decrease in what they are paid for their crop due to the 20 per cent duty.”

Apples are just one product on the list of retaliatory tariffs being implemented by Mexico. According to the Washington Apple Commission, the 20 per cent tariff was effectively immediately as of June 5.

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