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Maharashtra sees export potential

The state has identified six categories to be developed for export under the Agriculture Export Policy

Maharashtra sees export potential

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Grapes, mangoes, pomegranate, bananas, oranges and onions have each been identified as suitable across six export development clusters for the state of Maharashtra.

Last year, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced a new Agriculture Export Policy. Processing and value-addition are a focus of the policy, which comes in at a time when India’s horticultural output is predicted to exceed domestic demand, according to the agriculture ministry.

The Times of India reported a glut could cause prices to fall and hinder the chance of recouping production costs, let alone turning a profit.

FNB News said Indian state governments must ensure the policy’s main objectives, to double income levels, reach producers at a grassroots level.

It’s predicted around 30 per cent of India’s fresh horticulture output goes to waste each year across an unsophisticated supply chain. Many countries across the Middle East reportedly are eager to invest in India’s supply chain infrastructure to aid in the export of fresh and processed goods.

A number of workshops with farmers will be held across the state in the near future looking at strategies for implementing the Agriculture Export Policy.

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