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Joint venture company announced to build an end-to-end international supply chain service platform and Cosco partner

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Jindong Logistics has partnered with OOCL Logistics and Cosco Marine Logistics in a new joint venture to build a global logistics network and supply chain service platform. Jindong said the services will span cross-border logistics, supply chain management, financial data, research and development and more.

Jindong Logistics, a subsidiary of, has one of the most expansive logistics networks covering all of China, and OOCL Logistics and Cosco Marine Logistics are subsidiaries of the Chinese state-owned Cosco Shipping Group.

Jingdong Logistics CEO Wang Zhenhui said that the establishment of the joint venture company will give it the ability to provide customers with global end-to-end integrated services and achieve “global buy and global sell” faster and better.

“Our goal is to build a global ‘double 48-hour’ access network to provide high-quality, cost-effective and comprehensive supply chain solutions to customers around the world, while improving China's comprehensive logistics development and helping China's economy better integrate into the world economy. Let the world feel the ‘China speed’ and better stimulate the new vitality of global trade.”

KrAsia said Shanghai-based Cosco is one of the world’s largest integrated shipping companies, running a total fleet of 1,274 vessels and sporting investments in 56 other international shipping terminals.

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