Sunfresh avocado export orders grow

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Sunfresh avocado export orders grow

Orders for Australian avocados have increased in both Asia and Europe as production grows

Sunfresh avocado export orders grow

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Importers from Bangkok, Singapore and Hong Kong have increased orders for the Queensland-based company.

European orders have been placed for 10,000 cartons of Hass avocados, due to arrive in June.

“We realise that the potential of those markets is unlimited,” said Sunfresh general manager Judy Prosser.

“With the large increase in Australian avocado production in this current year and expected further increases in coming years, export to our near neighbours and Europe will be essential to the profitable marketing of the fruit.”

Sunfresh also took a major stake in the SuperPak packing plant in Queensland, where the company plans to pack 500,000 to 700,000 trays of avocados this year.

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