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China moves to maintain veg supplies

Officials in flood-hit provinces of China have stepped up quality control testing to ensure a steady flow of produce to Hong Kong and Macao

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Authorities in China have moved to ensure that quality supervision is firmly in place n provinces affected by recent flooding, to ensure vegetable supplies to Hong Kong and Macao.

Facilities in areas such as Guangdong, Yunnan, Hainan and Hunan are thought to be most at risk from pesticide residues and heavy metals following the heavy rains across the region during June, although no cases of disqualified produce have been reported.

The Administration of Quality Supervision in China had said that measures had been taken to strengthen quality control at production bases, while officials at the provincial bureau and Shenzhen, Zhuhai offices have also eased the procedures for vegetable producers to make faster deliveries to Hong Kong and Macao. 

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