US fast-tracks Philippine bananas

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US fast-tracks Philippine bananas

Quarantine protocols are being prioritised to allow Philippine hard green bananas into the US

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US quarantine protocols are being expedited to allow Philippine hard green banana exports to enter the country, according to the Philippine Department of Agriculture.

Philippine Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap discussed the issue with American counterpart Ed Schafer on a recent visit to the US, where Mr Schafer affirmed the quarantine protocols were being fast-tracked, reports

The potential export market is worth an estimated US$6m annually, and US quarantine officials have expressed their optimism about the quality of Philippine pest control measures.

The US Department of Agriculture has agreed to go forward with two related plans immediately; an agricultural trade and investment operation in Mindanao, and biotechnology training of Filipino scientists in US universities.

The Mindanao mission will take place within the year.

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