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Tuesday 22nd July 2008, 18:20 Hong Kong

Biofumigation Symposium in Canberra

The third International Biofumigation Symposium is being held in Canberra this week

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Biofumigation uses plants of the Brassica family such as mustard, radish or rapeseed as natural pesticides, and industry figures from 22 countries will be at the International Biofumigation Symposium in Canberra to share the latest research on the topic.

Brassica species release chemicals that suppress pests, the main being isothiocyanates that cause the hotness in mustard.

The practice offers a more natural alternative to the use of chemicals like methyl bromide, which is banned in some countries and has been linked to health concerns.

The Symposium started on Monday, and will have three days of discussions on the underlying science and practical application of the practice.

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