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UK demand for organic veg at ‘all time high’

Organic cauliflower tops list with value up 66.7 per cent, with brassica, broccoli and root crops also in growth over Christmas

UK demand for organic veg at ‘all time high’

'Star veg' cauliflower up 66 per cent in value

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Demand for organic vegetables in the UK was higher than any other year during Christmas 2014, according to vegetable supplier Produce World.

The category’s value rose by 5.6 per cent at the start of 2015 compared to the same time last year, with total organic brassicas up by 38.5 per cent overall.

Organic cauliflower is up 66.7 per cent in value, organic cabbage rose by 40.2 per cent and organic broccoli increased by 19 per cent.

Root crops have increased in value by 11.7 per cent, with carrots “performing steadily” and consumer purchases rising by 3.3 per cent.

“The Christmas success of organic vegetables is recognition that more and more consumers are realising the great taste and quality of organic options,” said Andrew Burgess, agricultural director at Produce World.

“The organic carrot is now an accepted choice for UK consumers, but organic brassicas have experienced a surge in demand over Christmas, with cauliflower and cabbage set to be top consumer choices for 2015.”

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