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M&S launches 'plango' hybrid fruit

Cross between plum and mango launched in UK, with retailer predicting it will be a roaring success with its customers

M&S launches 'plango' hybrid fruit

The plango

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Marks and Spencer is launching an exclusive new variety of plum to the UK.

The bouea macrophylla, or mango plum as it’s known in English, is a plum that has been crossed with a mango, and has been dubbed the 'plango'.

The fruit has a bright orange skin, which is firmer than that of a plum and a sweet taste similar to that of an Alphonso mango, but with a softer plum-like texture.

M&S fruit buyer Shazad Rehman, said: “We’re really excited to be introducing the first mango plum to the UK. We know our customers like to try new and interesting fruit, and we’re sure this will be something they will really enjoy.

“It has a soft texture and all the delicious flavour of a mango without any of the hassle to prepare as you can eat the skin.”

The plango is a tropical fruit grown on trees native to southeast Asia.

The M&S team have been working with their specialist growers in Thailand for several years to get it on shelves. 

The fruit is much smaller than a traditional mango as it grows to just 5cm in diameter and 10 cm in length.

Plangos are best enjoyed slightly chilled, and will be available in M&S stores across the country from this weekend (11/12 April) priced at £1 each.

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