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Florette launches ready-to-fry potatoes

Salad brand has entered the fresh cut potato sector with launch of ready-to-fry chips in Spanish market

Florette launches ready-to-fry potatoes

Florette fresh cut potatoes

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Salad brand Florette has launched fresh cut potatoes for the first time into the Spanish market following consumer research highlighting the popularity of chips among young households.

The new product, marketed as ‘Fresh potatoes: peeled, washed and already cut’, is being supported by a point-of-sale marketing campaign in Spain. It will carry the message 'the fresh taste, as easy as this'.

Florette said its consumer research found that fried potatoes and chips are one of the most frequent choices for young families with children in Spain, and fresh potatoes are eaten in 99.6 per cent of Spanish households. 

"Totally natural, our fresh potatoes are the result of a unique development process and have successfully passed consumer tests, being highlighted for their appearance and taste," said Florette’s brand manager, Kuca Oficialdegui. “Our product will lead to a great change in the chip buying and consumption patterns."

The new potatoes are kept between one and four degrees from the time of collection to the point of sale, Florette said, which keeps the potato “intact” and ensure a golden colour after frying.


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