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Camellia Aebischer


Tuesday 16th January 2018, 01:20 London

Ozblu and Migiva group create Ozblu America

A leading producer of blueberries based in South Africa and Australia has expanded to the Americas through a new joint venture

Ozblu and Migiva group create Ozblu America

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South Africa and Australian based blueberry company, Ozblu, has teamed up with Peruvian group, Migiva Group, to launch a new joint venture forming Ozblu America.

The venture will see Ozblu’s proprietary varieties exclusively produced, sold and commercialised under the Ozblu America brand through South, Central and North America.

"We firmly believe that if the blueberry industry can raise the consumption experience with new varieties of this superfood, it will generate an incredible and transformative increase in consumption for the whole blueberry industry,” said Roger Horak, founder and CEO of United Exports and co-founder of Ozblu.

The blueberry varieties that will be distributed are exclusively produced by Dave and Leasa Mazzardis for the Ozblu brand through their vertically integrated business model.

The trademarked varieties are bred with specific traits such as a larger size, sweetness, firmness and juiciness. The Mazzardis’s also focus on producing varieties that are tolerant of warmer climates, increasing production opportunities.

Although details of the joint venture’s structure were not released, it can be assumed that Migiva group’s agricultural division will play a part in the project. The group holds more than 25,000 acres of farmland and multiple processing plants in Peru and Uruguay.

Jonathan Geller of Migiva Group said that “the innovative spirit of Migiva Group and its focus on delivering a superior consumer experience through specialised varieties and best agricultural practices, combined with Ozblu’s excellent blueberry breeding program aimed at the consumer, offers a perfect combination.”

The partnership will aim to position Ozblu as the preferred supplier of blueberries to the South, Central and North American market.

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