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Thursday 23rd May 2019, 11:14 London

Brand reboot for California Prunes

New brand seeks to move prunes away from occasional food choice to daily purchase

Brand reboot for California Prunes

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California Prunes has launched a new brand highlighting the origin’s premium nature and the health benefits of the fruit.

The California Prune Board described the new logo as “a positive embrace of California Prunes for their premium nature and an expansive view of all their benefits”.

“The world comes to California for prunes, and we take that seriously,” said Donn Zea, executive director, California Prune Board. “California is the most reliable and consistent source in the industry for quality, size, and taste.”

The new brand seeks to move prunes away from an occasional food choice to a daily pleasure which is good for gut, heart and bone health.

“Gut health has gained more interest and relevance, and clinical trials suggest that eating five or six prunes a day may support healthy bones,” Zea continued.

“In addition to the nutritional benefits, market research has shown that the only thing holding people back from eating more prunes isn’t negative perceptions, but rather the simple need for more top-of-mind awareness.” 

Zea said California Prunes had been opening new markets globally for more than three decades.

“California has invested in premium growing processes and quality control along with nutrition and crop research, all while being committed to sustainable agriculture and ethical labor practices,” he said. 


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