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Polish consumers find taste for exotics

Retail market set to double in Poland, as interest in international cuisine fuels consumer trends in exotics and ready-to-eat concepts

Polish consumers find taste for exotics

Retail sales in Poland are expected to increase 

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Exotics, luxury products and ready-to-eat concepts are becoming more popular with Polish consumers, driven by increased interest in international cuisine.

According to Eric van Buuren, a Total Produce sales representative who visited the country recently, preparing foreign dishes has prompted Polish consumers to cook using different ingredients.

“In Poland, you see that presentation of your product makes you stand out from your ‘neighbours’. Besides quality and price, packaging plays a key role. We have seen a growing demand for more luxury products and ready-to-eat concepts in recent years,” said van Buuren, who was in the country to visit wholesale clients.

He added that retail sales, currently worth 30 to 40 per cent, will increase to between 70 and 80 per cent of the total market, where companies such as Biedronka (20.3 per cent market share), Schwarz Group (10.4 per cent) and Auchan (4.2 per cent) are the most important players.

“This will cause the small, authentic roadside stands to become less common in cities across Poland,” he said.

He added that major growth is also expected in the convenience channel from companies such as Carrefour and Zabka, as well as discounter Biedronka.


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