Yes Peas! looks to expand reach

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Yes Peas! looks to expand reach

The campaign for British pea growers is now in its tenth year, but is looking to target more digitally-savvy consumers

Yes Peas! looks to expand reach

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The team behind the Yes Peas! campaign has launched a mobile-friendly website.

Yes Peas!, run on behalf of British pea growers and freezers, is now in its tenth year, but is looking to make more consumers aware of ewhat it does with this latest move.

With seasonal, entertainment, traditional and healthier options included in the online recipe categories, the newly-developed mobile site features a recipe search and suggestion option which gives on-the-go consumers the opportunity to say what’s in their kitchen cupboards.

Tim Mudge, commercial director at the British Growers Association, and part of the campaign, said: “Our website attracts users from far and wide and is often of use to consumers who are looking for a recipe, from the quick and simple to the more adventurous or calorie-controlled.

“Britain is the biggest producer and consumer of frozen peas in Europe and nearly one-third of web-based page views in the UK are now viewed on smartphones and tablets. What better way to showcase the fresh and nutritious quality of the family favourite than some fantastic recipes to get more peas onto the nation’s plates?”

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