Wellpak launches berry and tomato snack pots

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Wellpak launches berry and tomato snack pots

Evesham supplier has launched cherries, blueberries and cherry tomatoes as one 5-A-DAY portion snack-pots

Wellpak launches berry and tomato snack pots

Wellpak snack-pots are available now

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Fresh produce supplier Wellpak has today (18 June) launched a new range of snack-pots containing single servings of blueberries, cherries or cherry tomatoes.

Designed to help consumers reach the 5-A-DAY targets, the pots have peel-off lids so they can be consumed on-the-go and stored easily. As such, Wellpak said they will particularly appeal to commuters, and parents who will no longer have to divide punnets into portions for lunchboxes.

The pots were developed alongside Wellpak’s packaging partner, Ackio, which designed a new device to allow pots to be filled to an exact weight. The new technology has vision-based checking of individual berries for internal and external defects, while air pressure tests for softness.

Packing lines have also been adapted to allow the upright, unstable snack-pots to be packed efficiently and at high speed, before being sealed with a pre-printed film.

“Wellpak is a proactive company that prides itself in having a great deal of foresight, so we’ve been planning the snack-pots for some time,” said Wellpak sales director, Simon Lane.

“Fortunately for us though, market data suggests our diversification into snack-pots now goes hand in hand with a trend everyone in the fresh produce industry is talking about: single-portion packaging. It’s good to be ahead of the curve.

“We’re all aware that we should be eating five portions of fruit or vegetables a day but we’re all so busy that it’s hard to find time to prepare it, or to grab a healthy snack when you’re on the move.

“We’re hoping our snack-pots, which each contain one of your 5-A-DAY, will change that.”

Wellpak snack-pots are available to retailers now.

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