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Friday 31st July 2015, 08:30 London

Dessert apple crowned UK's number one fruit and vegetable

The product topped the FPJ Big 50 Products 2015, a special edition of the magazine produced in conjunction with Kantar Worldpanel




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    31st July 2015 8:30

    We're delighted to present what we believe to be the first-ever ranking of the UK's best-selling fresh fruit and vegetable products.

    We're certain that this issue will not only provide an interesting and valuable read, covering our sector's 50 biggest products items in depth, but also spark passionate debate, and act as a reference guide for months to come.

    Dessert apples enjoyed a strong year, with small but nonetheless significant growth in sales value and volume. The product was buoyed by strong support from UK supermarkets, and a big marketing push by industry body English Apples & Pears.

    The season started somewhat disastrously for the product, given the ban on EU fresh produce imports by Russia, causing lots of unexpected price pressures and competition from European rivals looking for a new home for their product.

    It's a shame to see so many products in this list suffer at the hands of a merciless supermarket price war that nobody expects to see end any time soon. However, it's great to see British consumers continuing to buy so many fresh fruit and vegetable - 'new' and 'old' - products at a growing rate.

Dessert apples have been crowned the UK's most popular fruit and vegetable.

The product topped the FPJ Big 50 Products 2015, a special edition of the Fresh Produce Journal produced in conjunction with Kantar Worldpanel, beating grapes, tomatoes, bananas and old potatoes to take the title.

Strawberries, easy peelers, mushrooms, new potatoes and peppers complete the top 10.

Dessert apples' UK sales value of £846.1 million in the year ending 24 May 2015 - the criteria used to determine the rankings - was enough to see it top the chart. 

Solid support from the supermarkets and a big marketing push from industry body English Apples and Pears helped dessert apples post value growth of 1.8 per cent, and volume growth of six per cent.

A number of fresh produce products - as sold in their wholehead or mono-pack form - suffered severe value crashes over the period the data covers. Among these items were potatoes, brassicas and salad lines.

Berries and exotic fruits such as mangoes performed very strongly, though - significantly growing value and volume sales in 2014-15.

FPJ Big 50 Products Top 10

1. Dessert Apples - £846.1m (+1.8 per cent)

2. Grapes - £763.7m (+7.2 per cent)

3. Tomatoes - £701.8m (-5.5 per cent)

4. Bananas - £576.3m (-3.1 per cent)

5. Old Potatoes - £553.9m (-14.8 per cent)

6. Strawberries - £505.1m (+5 per cent)

7. Easy Peelers - £423.8m (-0.8 per cent)

8. Mushrooms - £390.7m (+2.7 per cent)

9. New Potatoes - £329.7m (-13.4 per cent)

10. Peppers - £294m (-12 per cent)

(Data provided by Kantar Worldpanel)



FPJ Big 50 Products infographic correct version

The FPJ Big 50 Products 2015 is out today (31 July). You can listen to a short associated podcast put together by the FPJ team here.

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