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Sales of Bimi up 65 per cent in Europe

Branded brassica is being supplied to European retailers via FV SeleQt as brand licensor unveils new packaging

Sales of Bimi up 65 per cent in Europe

The new Bimi packaging will be on European retail shelves

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Sales of branded brassica Bimi have grown by 65 per cent in Europe since April, according to master brand licensor Coregeo.

The news comes as the company unveiled new packaging for Bimi, that is designed to clearly communicate its versatility. The Chinese kale-broccoli hybrid is marketed as Tenderstem in the UK, where it continues to see double digit year-on-year growth.

Bimi is being supplied to retailers in Europe through FV SeleQt, a joint venture between Best Fresh Group and Flamingo Horticulture, using guaranteed year-round supply from Kenya. Wholesale market supply is being coordinated by Dutch supplier Aartensfruit, which recently signed a deal with Coregeo to handle the Benelux region wholesale markets.

FV SeleQt said it has seen sales of Bimi treble during the last year, and said it is keen to replicate the success of Tenderstem in the UK. Chris Ouwehand, FV SeleQt account manager, said: “We are all excited for the growth opportunities of Bimi. We have already seen that sales have trebled in relation to 2015 figures and are continuing to grow. 

“During sampling activities in retail outlets, consumers reacted in a very positive way to the product’s distinctive taste and the fact that it is so versatile and easy to prepare. There is definitely an education task at hand surrounding the brand and product, but with the continued support and knowledge that Coregeo is bringing through further sampling, branding initiatives and clear communications, we’re happy to have started the Bimi journey with them.”

Michelle Toft, Coregeo chief marketing officer, said: “The packaging will showcase simple cooking instructions and hopefully inspire consumers to make this delicious vegetable part of their weekly shop.

“We know by working with like-minded dedicated partner-teams to develop strong branding we can recreate the success we’ve seen in the UK across the rest of Europe through branding and marketing and this new packaging initiative is the only the start of a larger marketing strategy.”

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