‘Highly-respected’ Hunt honoured by Fruiterers award

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‘Highly-respected’ Hunt honoured by Fruiterers award

Andy Hunt of Lower Hope Estate has been awarded with the Fruiterers Management Award for technological advances in cherry growing

‘Highly-respected’ Hunt honoured by Fruiterers award

Andy Hunt, of Lower Hope Estate, has been presented with the Fruiterers Management Award 

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Andy Hunt has been awarded with the annual Fruiterers Management Award for his “outstanding achievements” in cherry growing at the Lower Hope Estate.

The award was presented by past Master of the Fruiterers, Sandys Dawes, at the Fruiterers' Master and Wardens Dinner at the Barber-Surgeons’ Hall on 2 November.

It was awarded in recognition of outstanding achievements within the fruit-growing industry, the Fruiterers said, with Hunt having been “at the forefront of progress in cherry growing”, and developing cherry growing systems that allow a much earlier break-even point.

Hunt moved to manage the fruit operation at Lower Hope Estate, in Ullingswick, Herefordshire, 26 years ago. Shortly after joining the business, he introduced cherry growing, trialling different rootstocks and growing systems, and helping the company to become a major cherry-growing operation.

On presenting the award, Dawes said: "Andy Hunt is highly respected in the industry; hundreds of growers from UK, Europe and the world find their way to Lower Hope to talk with him and learn from the progress made at Lower Hope; his achievements mark him out as an entirely worthy recipient of the Fruiterers Management Award."

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