Melvyn Wyer celebrates 50 years in potatoes

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Melvyn Wyer celebrates 50 years in potatoes

Rowe Farming sales manager, instrumental in Duchy Potato Group’s formation, receives recognition for services to potato sector

Melvyn Wyer celebrates 50 years in potatoes

Rowe Farming's Melvyn Wyer

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Fresh produce veteran Melvyn Wyer has been recognised for his services to the British potato industry as he celebrates fifty years in the Greenvale and Rowe Farming group.

The Rowe Farming sales manager, who still gets up at 5.45am each day to organise transport and trade for the Cornish potato grower, played an instrumental role in the launch of the Cornish King brand and the formation of the Duchy Potato Group in Cornwall.

This has seen him organise deliveries to Prince Charles’ aide at Buckingham Palace, as well as a front door delivery to 10 Downing Street.

Rowe Farming’s commercial director Cari Davies said: “It is a privilege to work with Melvyn. His knowledge, expertise and professionalism are second to none. Melvyn plays a pivotal role in the business and we are all indebted to his service and commitment.

“Melvyn’s dedication and passion for the potato industry is unparalleled and his devotion deserves to be recognised,” Greenvale added in a press release.

Wyer’s life-long career in the potato industry began in Norfolk where he sold seed potatoes. He then moved to potato supplier Dalgety Produce, which was subsequently bought out, leading to the formation of Greenvale.

With Greenvale’s withdrawal from Cornwall in the late 1990s, Wyer moved to Rowe Farming. Here, with the support of the Rowe family, he continued to market potatoes and work with local growers. 

When Produce Investments bought out Rowe Farming in 2011 Wyer remained within the company, however he has since moved back to Norfolk to work from home.

Asked about his time in the industry, Wyer said: “I still have a lot of fun and love what I do.” His motto, according to Greenvale, is: “Work for each other, play for each other”.

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