Drone records Waitrose watercress harvest

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Drone records Waitrose watercress harvest

Retailer releases footage of watercress harvest at Manor Farm in Hampshire as first leaves arrive on shelves

Waitrose has celebrated the start of the watercress season by releasing drone footage of the harvest at Manor Farm, Hampshire.

Grown by husband and wife Sean and Penny Ede, the watercress is produced in 100-year old beds watered by 20 million litres of mineral water from underground streams.

Beginning in June, watercress leaves are picked and packed every day, arriving at Waitrose within 24 hours. 

Waitrose salad buyer Richard Bickerton said: "Our shoppers are big fans of watercress and welcome the return of the British season each year.

"A traditional ingredient in salads and soups, watercress is now gaining popularity for its nutritional use in green smoothies. Naturally low in calories, the vegetable is rich in vitamin C needed for immune health and two handfuls provide one of your five a day."



Waitrose watercress harvest

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