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Waitrose launches new spiralised beetroot

Retailer said sales of beetroot are rising across various formats including 164 per cent sales increase in the Duchy Organic brand

Waitrose launches new spiralised beetroot

Waitrose has launched a new spiralised beetroot 

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Waitrose has launched a new spiralised beetroot product as sales of the product in various formats soared over the last year.

Beetroot sold under retailer’s Duchy Organic brand rocketed by 164 per cent over the last year, while sales of Waitrose Sweetfire beetroot, a sweet and spicy chilli version, rose by 23 per cent.

Waitrose World Deli Beetroot and Sour Cherries Slaw is up 51 per cent as the retailer said consumers have showed a preference for more unusual flavour combinations.

The new spiralised beetroot is infused with lemon, mint and chilli, and Waitrose said it can be used to brighten up a salad, as a light summer snack, or as an alternative burger topping.

Other beetroot products at Waitrose include Apple, Carrot and Beetroot Yogurt, Waitrose 1 Beetroot, Apple, Beetroot & Blackcurrant Juice, and Teapigs Up Beet Energy Tea.

Waitrose senior nutritionist Emma Williams said: “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, and we’ve seen they are enjoying beetroot in all its forms.

“Sales of beetroot are rising as customers look to eat more vegetables in as many different ways as possible.”

Waitrose spiralised beetroot is available in stores selling for £1.23 on an introductory offer, and due to go up to £1.65.

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