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Savsé unveils new juice bottle design

Healthy drinks manufacturer opts for ‘sleeker, cleaner style’ with redesigned orange and apple juice bottles

Savsé unveils new juice bottle design

The new bottle designs will be made available in October

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Smoothie producer Savsé has redesigned the packaging for its cold-pressed raw orange and apple juices, with new bottles being rolled out nationwide.

The previous orange and apple peel design has been replaced by what it calls “a sleeker, cleaner style”.

Guka Tavberidze, CEO and founder of Savsé, said: “Our newly designed bottles will provide greater stand out on shelf and help increase cut-through.

He added: “With consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, the pasteurised offerings from industry leaders no longer cut it.

“Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of a mocktail or cocktail, consumers know they’re getting truly fresh flavours with no compromise on taste, quality or nutrition.”

Savsé cold-presses its grove Grove Orange and Jonogold Apple juices to keep in more nutrients and ensure they taste more similar to the fresh fruit they come from, the producer said.

In further efforts to maintain ingredients’ nutritional value, it also uses a preservation technique called high pressure processing, rather than heat pasteurisation, to deactivate bacteria in the fruit. This method gives juice a longer shelf life, Savsé said.

The firm's Jonagold apple juice recently won a Grocer New Product Award in the juices and smoothies category.

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