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Waitrose unveils sprout-inspired Christmas dessert

Heston Blumenthal's sprout pudding is Waitrose’s third innovation surrounding the festive vegetable this season

Waitrose unveils sprout-inspired Christmas dessert

Waitrose's new sprout dessert is inspired by the vegetable 

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Waitrose has released its third sprout-related new product for the festive season with a new dessert inspired by the seasonal brassica.

Heston Blumenthal has created a giant ‘melting chocolate sprout’ that melts to reveal 18 green profiterole ‘sprouts’, filled with a lime-flavoured crème patissiere.

The visual effect is a pile of sprouts doused in gravy but, with no actual sprouts or gravy used in the recipe, the flavour is lime profiteroles mixed with chocolate and salted caramel sauce.

Blumenthal said: “The dishes that have caused the biggest response from our guests at The Fat Duck are those that look like something they’re not. What can be more fun at Christmas than playing with your guests’ minds and taste buds with a dessert that will leave everyone talking?”

It comes as Waitrose launched festive ‘colour-changing’ sprouts last week, as well as a wreath woven with sprouts that is on sale for £35.

Waitrose dessert buyer Aileen Wood said: “We are sure this unique pud will be a talking point, and will give sprout haters a chance to try a new take on the festive veg.’

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