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Rapid growth for Fijian papayas

Local exporters are predicting a big rise in Fijiís papaya exports this year, and an expansion to markets outside Australia

Rapid growth for Fijian papayas

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That figure is an 800 per cent growth on last yearís FJ$700,000 (US$397,250), reported local news agency Fijilive.

ďLast year the total papaya exports from Fiji were 140 tonnes,Ē Rizwan Khan, a director of papaya exporter Pacific Harvest, told Fijilive.

ďThis year from January to May, the total exports are 285 tonnes. At this rate we are expecting total exports to be 1,100 tonnes for the year.Ē

Fijiís exported papaya, also sometimes known as pawpaw in Australasia, largely heads to Australia, but is also finding demand in Hong Kong, Japan, Germany and New Zealand, in part because of improving logistical links out of Fiji.

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