New study promotes kiwifruit health benefits

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Emily French


New study promotes kiwifruit health benefits

Research published by Elsevier endorses kiwifruit role in aiding iron uptake and digestive health

New study promotes kiwifruit health benefits

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A new study printed this month by medical and scientific literature publisher Elsevier in association with The Riddet Institute underlines the nutritional benefits of kiwifruit.

The research conducted on the fruit saw participation from scientists from multiple research centres alongside The Riddet Institute, including Lincoln and Massey Universities, Otago Medical School and Zespri’s health science advisor Lynley Drummond.

Seven chapters of the publication concern the role of kiwifruit in assisting digestive health. There is also a focus on the considerable nutritional value of kiwifruit’s high vitamin C content and its role in aiding iron uptake and maintaining optimal health.

“The kiwifruit book collates the best of the body of world-leading research around kiwifruit, firmly establishing that the kiwifruit is a true nutritional powerhouse which can boost vitamin C intake, aid digestion and even lift mood,” Drummond is quoting as saying in a Zespri media release.

In the 2011/12 season, the New Zealand kiwifruit industry produced approximately 100m trays of kiwifruit and saw global sales revenue of $1.6bn, gifting returns of around $1bn to the country’s kiwifruit growers.

At present, there are an estimated 2,700 growers in New Zealand and the industry is thought to employ over 18,000 people at the height of the packing season, during the autumn months.


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