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Macadamia demand in Asia grows

An increase in demand for macadamias in Asia boosts the Australian nut industry

Macadamia demand in Asia grows

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The Australian Macadamia Society (AMS) is celebrating more than just its fortieth anniversary this year, with growing demand for macadamias in Asia boosting exports.

This year AMS is estimating a crop of 40,000 tonnes of macadamias, with the biggest growth in demand coming from Asia.

"Not just in China where everybody's had good growth, but in markets like Korea and Taiwan where they're beginning to associate macadamias with health, beauty and wellbeing," AMS chief executive Jolyon Burnett told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Burnett added that unless there was a push in production, the Australian macadamia industry could miss out on the opportunity to reap the benefits from the growing market in Asia."We have demand strongly outstripping supply so there's huge room for growth, but we need financial resources to drive that growth. We really do need that money now," said Burnett.

Australia is the world’s biggest macadamia producer, with domestic production of the native nut trebling in the past 20 years with 70 per cent of the produce exported, according to AMS statistics.


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