Australian lemon season underway

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Australian lemon season underway

Consumers encouraged to buy locally-grown product, as production ramps-up over coming months

Australian lemon season underway

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Peak industry body Citrus Australia is encouraging consumers in its domestic market to be vigilant in grocery aisles and shop for locally produced lemons.

Queensland-grown lemons have hit retail shelves over the last week alongside imports, mainly from the US, which fill gaps in domestic production over the Australian summer.

Stores will continue to offer a mix of imported and local lemons early in the Australian season, until more local lemons are available.

 “Though the mix of imported and local lemons is clearly and appropriately labelled in stores, it can be difficult for consumers to identify Australian lemons at times,” Citrus Australia chief executive, Judith Damiani, said. “Look for the country of origin signs in store, or check the sticker on each lemon to make sure.”

Australian lemons will be available in store until November, with the season peaking during August and September.

Australia currently produces around 30,000 tonnes of lemons, mainly for the domestic market, with production forecast to increase by around 50 per cent over the next ten years. This lift in production will help meet rising consumer demand, particularly for seedless lemons.

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