Heavy demand for Sumo Citrus

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Heavy demand for Sumo Citrus

Mandarin offering continues to gain traction in Australian market on back of its sweet taste and distinctive appearance

Heavy demand for Sumo Citrus

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Combining the easy-to-peel nature of the Japanese Satsuma mandarins with the juicy, sweet taste of Californian oranges, Sumo Citrus mandarins will again make their presence felt on Australian supermarket shelves this year.

The offering will weigh-into Woolworths stores from mid-July, with anticipation already building amongst consumers, according to Justin Kusselke of Cross Farms Curlwaa in New South Wales.

“Sumo Citrus mandarins have grown to become a much sought after fruit for consumer’s to add to their shopping baskets,” Kusselke explained. “This year marks their fourth year on Australian supermarket shelves - the appetite amongst Australian consumers just seems to grow with each year, which is great news.”

This 2016 season will be the fourth consecutive year Sumo Citrus mandarins have been sold in the Australian market. Over 50,000 trays are expected to be sold this year, a direct result of trees reaching full maturity.

“Each year we learn more and more about the growing habits and challenges of the variety - when is best to pick the fruit, how best to cure the fruit after harvest and what temperature variance is acceptable in transport,” Kusselke said. “We hand pick each and every Sumo Citrus mandarin; although they look big and tough, the peel is actually very tender.”

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