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NZ industry signs fruit fly plan

A group of New Zealandís horticulture industry bodies have signed an operational agreement to fight the threat of fruit fly

NZ industry signs fruit fly plan

Left to right: Andrew Coleman (MPI), Jen Scoular (NZ Avocado), Minister for Primary Industries, Hon Nathan Guy, Barry O'Neill (KVH), Alan Pollard (Pipfruit NZ), Rebecca Fisher (NZ Citrus Growers Inc), and Philip Manson (NZ Wine Growers) 

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The New Zealand government and horticulture industry groups have signed an operational agreement to reduce the impact of fruit fly, following months of negotiations.

The agreement, signed at the Better Border Biosecurity (B3) conference on 9 May, outlines the operational requirements for readiness and response activities, and cost-sharing arrangements between affected industry bodies and the government.

The initial signatories to the agreement are Pipfruit NZ, Kiwifruit Vine Health, New Zealand Avocado Growers Association Inc, New Zealand Citrus Growers Inc and the Ministry for Primary Industries.

“Fruit flies are one of the biggest biosecurity threats facing horticulture. A fruit fly incursion could cost the horticulture industry up to NZ$2.1bn… 80 per cent of this value is represented by signatories to the agreement, who will be partners in joint decision making under Government Industry Agreement (GIA) for readiness and response,” said Fruit Fly Council chairman Philip Manson.

“By working together under GIA, government and affected industries can achieve far greater outcomes than working in isolation. The agreement clearly sets out the roles and responsibilities of all the parties, and how joint aactivities will be funded.”

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