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Munch’n kiwiberries one #sweet #snack

Freshmax New Zealand has found its Munch’n kiwiberry brand is proving more popular than the average kiwiberry

Munch’n kiwiberries one #sweet #snack

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Freshmax New Zealand’s Munch’n kiwiberry brand is proving popular on social media.

The New Zealand-grown fruit, developed by Plant & Food Research as a convenient snack, is being tagged on social media with hashtags ranging from ‘small’, ‘sweet’ and ‘cool’ to ‘happy’ and ‘my new afternoon delight’.

Consumers are also thinking of the kiwiberries as a berryfruit, with hastags ‘sorry raspberries, kiwiberries are my new fave’ and ‘just snacking on strawberries and kiwiberry’.

“We couldn’t be happier about this result, we have done a lot of work to position kiwiberries within the berryfruit category as they are so child-friendly, convenient and the perfect snack food,” said Tracey Burns, export division manager at Freshmax New Zealand.

The 2017 kiwiberry season will kick off in February, with Freshmax expecting a record crop, with a marketing campaign being developed for the coming season.


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