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Aussies willing to pay more for premium

A recent Nielsen survey has found that one in three Australians would consider spending more on premium, sustainable and organic grocery products

Aussies willing to pay more for premium

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Australians are willing to pay more for premium and environmentally friendly grocery products, according to recent Nielsen Scantrack data.

One in three consumers would consider spending ore on premium offerings, which Nielsen director Julianne Westaway described as costing at least 20 per cent more than the average price for a product.

The research found that consumers would also be willing to pay more for products that are environmentally friendly, or that delivered on social responsibility claims.

“Pacific shoppers are socially conscious when it comes to top tier goods, with more than two in three consumers spending more on products that contain environmentally friendly or sustainable materials. They are also choosing products that are organic or have all natural ingredients,” Westaway said.

“[Products with] ‘green’ attributes justify a higher price tag in many consumers’ minds and they show a willingness to pay for them.”

While meat, seafood and dairy some of the leading categories where consumers are willing to trade u Westaway said that marketers could capitalise on the trends by tapping into responsible practice certifications.

“Premium products should be activated in a way that amplifies the product’s unique proposition,” Westaway added. “Several considerations should be kept in mind when optimising how these brands are marketed including how consumers see the products on the shelf, pricing promotions and emotional resonance of brands in managing perceptions.” 

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