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Bruce Campbell receives industry service award

Plant & Food Research chief operating officer received the 2017 Horticulture New Zealand Industry Service Award

Bruce Campbell receives industry service award

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Plant & Food Research COO Bruce Campbell was awarded the 2017 Horticulture New Zealand Industry Service Award at the Horticulture New Zealand conference last week.

Campbell was recognised for his long and dedicated service to improving the horticulture industry, including as a leader in driving scientific innovation through his work at Plant & Food Research.

Receiving the award, Campbell said that he had been privileged to work with talented people across the industry who were passionate about creating a better and healthier world, and that the industry should continue to build on that legacy.

“The horticulture industry has benefitted from true Kiwi ingenuity, from people like Hayward Wright, the forefather of the kiwifruit industry, through to the innovative growers and marketers we have today. It is vital we encourage more young people into the industry, at all points along the value chain, so horticulture can continue to evolve and grow into the future,” he said.

“Science and innovation is essential if New Zealand horticulture is to continue delivering healthy food for a growing global population in a fast moving world,” Campbell added. “We have a reputation for exciting, great tasting fruits and vegetables, produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. This has allowed us to move beyond commodity trading to commanding a value premium from the most discerning of global consumers.

“Science and innovation is the only way we can continue to deliver to this market and grow New Zealand food exports into the future as the world speeds up and we face increasing global challenges in food production.”

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