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Monday 24th July 2017, 11:03 Melbourne

Blood oranges boost cardio health

New study suggests blood oranges have nine times the antioxidants of Navels

Blood oranges boost cardio health

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Improved cardiovascular health and protection from UV cell damage are just two of the benefits associated with regular blood orange consumption, according to a new health report.

Published by nutritionist and exercise physiologist Kathleen Alleaume, the report suggests a healthy cocktail of phenolic compounds make blood oranges unique amongst citrus varieties.

“Blood oranges are the only commercially available citrus fruit to contain anthocyanins (which are more commonly found in blueberries, cherries and red wine),” Alleaume said. “In addition to anthocyanins, blood oranges contain many other beneficial phytonutrients, known as phenolics (or commonly referred to as polyphenols).

“The phenolic compounds in blood oranges have been associated with improved cardiovascular health, protection from UV cell damage and improvements in metabolic disease including type 2 diabetes, fatty liver and obesity.”

Blood oranges are also said to contain nine times the antioxidants of Navel oranges and twice the amount of Vitamin A.

“They’re also an excellent source of vitamin C with one blood orange providing the daily recommended intake, and are also a source of fibre, vitamin A and potassium,” Alleaume adds.

There’s also good news for the juice lovers. A separate study has revealed that drinking 750ml (3 glasses) of blood orange juice a day doesn’t lead to any weight gain when combined with a normal diet. To the contrary, the combination of phenolics in blood orange juice led to weight loss among the study's participants.


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