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Avocado six pack appeals to Australian market

Consumers and growers see the benefit of new value-added offering from Favco

Avocado six pack appeals to Australian market

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Australian consumers and growers have warmed to a new approach of selling and buying avocados, which is boosting sales and reducing on-shelf damage.

The avocado six pack, which as its name suggests is a tray of six avocados, is currently being sold through retailers across Australia.

The product, developed by Queensland-based fruit and vegetable company Favco in conjunction with Fresh Partners Australia, has been designed to streamline handling and packaging of the fruit, with the view to making quality and value more accessible.

The tray’s packaging includes a presentation insert that folds to secure the fruit so it doesn’t roll, thereby preventing fruit damage. It also doubles as a space for pictorial descriptions of key avocado points, including information on how to ripen, store, prepare and serve the fruit.

Favco’s general manager – new business, Michael Burrow, said the product’s aim is to make buying avocados “less of a mystery”.

"The avocado sick pack enables a select group of growers to have greater control of a percentage of their sales,” said Burrow. “For the majority of the year the trays are packed on-farm, which means less handling damage when repacked.

"The innovative marketing programme is targeted and managed nationally to store orders so stock is sold at its prime with less damage at store. Ultimately it is easier for growers to sell more fruit at a better price.”

Most of the fruit in the six packs is mature green at purchase. The line sells at selected retailers year-round and is packed by growers within Australia and New Zealand.

“The avocado six-pack is a unique product that drives sales and tonnage, reduces produce wastage, and is fantastic value for money for consumers,” said Mike Evans of Fresh Partners Australia.

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