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Camellia Aebischer


Friday 13th April 2018, 09:51 Melbourne

Enzed Exotics launches new US campaign

The kiwano brand is targeting a popular Mexican holiday for its latest campaign in the US

Enzed Exotics launches new US campaign

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The Mexican celebration, Cinco de Mayo, will be the focus of Enzed Exotics’ newest campaign in the US.

Enzed Exotics will promote the fruit as an addition to Mexican cuisine, focusing on its versatility.

“Kiwano pulp can be stirred through fresh salsas, salads and guacamole to add flavour, without adding extra salts or fats,” explained Vanessa Hutchings, owner at Enzed Exotics.

“In the same way it can be used to add freshness to grilled meats and fish, or add interest and texture for taco toppings.”

For retailers, Hutchings says the kiwano could be a new addition to classic Cinco de Mayo produce such as tomatoes, avocados, chilis, limes and corn.

The campaign will include an online component offering free giveaways and engagement with Instagram influencers. This will be the second year Enzed Exotics has engaged Instagram influencers, who support the company’s sustainable farming practises.

"We generally work with what’s termed “micro influencers”, with a following in the 15,000-50,000 range. We’ve found this type of influencer has a high level of engagement with their followers, and are often growing their audience rapidly,” said Hutchings.

The influencers will post their drinks and dishes under the hashtag #kiwanofiesta.

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