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Wednesday 27th June 2018, 17:33 Melbourne

A Better Choice for Australian consumers

Independent retail sector to benefit from the launch of new national programme

A Better Choice for Australian consumers

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The push for Australian consumers to shop for fresh produce at their local independent retailer will gain further momentum through the launch of ‘A Better Choice’.

A joint initiative from Fresh Markets Australia (FMA) and the Central Markets Association of Australia (CMAA), the program was unveiled at Hort Connections in Brisbane last week.

Under the program, a national marketing and advisory strategy will be created, drawing on marketing and business data from independent retailers across the country.

FMA and CMAA will work alongside state wholesale chambers and industry stakeholders to bring the programme to life through a range of co-promotional activities, all designed to highlight the benefits of independent retail.

 “We’ve looked at the key motivators for where consumers shop,” said Joe Butler, FMA’s national retail programme delivery manager.

“The unique value proposition in the independent sector is the trust in quality, which will be an important factor in how we develop and deliver our messaging to consumers.”

A Better Choice is the first programme of its kind to be delivered on a national level in Australia. Butler said the program’s strength would lie in presenting a unified message across all states and territories, paving the way for greater collaboration across the supply chain.

“Working collectively gives us a lot more buying power and recall on brand identity, so we’re really trying to promote that through the central markets system and independent retailers,” he explained.

“A Better Choice is simply that, a better choice for retailers, consumers and the industry. Collectively we can keep the Aussie fruit and vegetable industry thriving for generations to come.”

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