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Camellia Aebischer


Friday 5th October 2018, 11:18 Melbourne

NZ Avocado launches season in Thailand

Popularity of the fruit is increasing in the South-East Asian nation, where health is becoming a growing focus

NZ Avocado launches season in Thailand

Thailand celebrity chef Ian Kittichai and New Zealand Avocado ambassador Patcharasi Kalamare Benjamas

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Opening the avocado season in the Thai market, New Zealand deputy prime minister, Winston Peters was in Bangkok this week to attend an official event celebrating the fruit.

Hosted by New Zealand Avocado ambassador, Patcharasri Kalamare Benjamas, and catered by celebrity Thai chef Ian Kittichai at his Cuisine Concept kitchen in Bangkok, the event showcased the increasing popularity of the fruit.

“Thailand is a leading market for New Zealand avocado consumption growth in Asia. We have seen a growing interest from Thai consumers seeking premium imported produce from New Zealand, and New Zealand avocados are benefitting from a healthy diet and lifestyle trend,” said New Zealand Trade Commissioner, Ryan Freer.

Demand for New Zealand avocados in Thailand has experienced significant growth in the past five years, from 3,000 cartons (5.5kg) imported in 2013 to a forecast 150,000 cartons in its 2018 September to March season.

Popularity is growing in areas like food service, with food-oriented consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle.

“The avocado is now becoming more of a staple ingredient in households and restaurants in Thailand – people appreciate the delicious, creamy taste and the nutritional benefits,” said Kittichai, who owns a popular restaurant in Bangkok called Issaya Siamese Club.

New Zealand Avocado claims its avocados contain double the vitamin B6 and 20 per cent more folate than those grown in other parts of the world.

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