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Catalytic Generators does a redesign

The ethylene generator producer will be showing its newly redesigned products at Fruit Logistica Berlin

Catalytic Generators does a redesign

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With new control systems in place, Catalytic Generators has produced a redesigned Easy-Ripe generator. The system features a clean, white coating and non-pressurised safe ethylene levels for uniform ripening and de-greening.

“Over the years, our generators have always provided dependable ethylene output in the range required by the user, but we wanted to provide even better accuracy by connecting devices equipped with ethylene sensors and control modules. So, we’ve given the generator the ability to be connected and controlled by industrial control systems,” stated Greg Akins, president and CEO of Catalytic Generators.

The company said its new Easy-Ripe system can connect to nearly all Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems featured in modern ripening rooms. Catalytic Generators have also partnered with Felix Instruments to develop two products to control the generators ethylene output.

The Ethylene Management Controller which features low-range sensing and the improved SmartRipe Ethylene Generator Controller which automatically regulates ethylene production. “These products are driven by an ethylene sensing system based on technology that improves sensor accuracy and dependability,” said Akins.

“The newfound technology of our redesigned [products] offer an affordable solution to ripeners looking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their ethylene application systems,” he said.

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