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BBC Technologies unveils Tray Tipper

New solution automates delivery of blueberries to the market-leading KATO260 sorter

BBC Technologies unveils Tray Tipper

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Tomra-owned BBC Technologies has extended its turnkey blueberry line with the launch of the Tray Tipper.

The new automated system was developed to improve front-of-line loading of fruit onto BBC Technologies’ KATO260 precision grading line.

“The Tray Tipper uses speed feedback from the KATO260 to ensure a consistent supply and even distribution of the blueberries onto the sorter, optimising its throughput,” BBC Technologies said in a statement. “It perfectly complements the KATO260’s design that emphasises delicate handling and product preservation by gently loading the fruit onto the processing line.”

The KATO260 can sort at speeds of 280 berries per second, handling the product in a way that maximizes bloom retention and shelf life.

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