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Liam O'Callaghan


Tuesday 18th February 2020, 12:24 Melbourne

Woolworths scans fresh produce with AI

Australian retailer trials new scales which detect fruits and vegetables using artificial intelligence

Woolworths scans fresh produce with AI

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Woolworths is aiming to speed up scanning for shoppers with a new artificial intelligence (AI) powered scale that automatically identifies loose fresh produce.

The scales, developed by Australian company Tiliter, are currently being trialled in three Sydney stores in conjunction with the retailer’s Scan&Go app.

Consumers can place their fruit or vegetables on the scale surface and then the technology will detect the type of produce and identify the variety.

Paul Monnington, general manager digital and payments of Woolworths, said the company was always looking at ways to improve the in-store experience for consumers.

"While the feedback on our Scan&Go app has been really pleasing, we're constantly looking for ways to improve the customer experience,” said Monnington.

“We know the two-step scanning process with loose fruit and veg isn't quite as seamless as scanning pre-packed goods on the app.

‘Together with Tiliter we're trialling AI-enabled product recognition scales in a few of our Metro stores to see if we can speed up the shopping experience even further,” Monnington added.

“We'll keep a close eye on customer feedback and scan accuracy before determining our next steps with the technology.”

Woolworths first trialled the Scan&Go app in September 2018 it has since expanded the programme to ten stores.

Scan&Go allows customers to scan products with their smartphone as they walk through the store and pay in the app before tapping off at a dedicated kiosk in the self-serve area.


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