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Australia breeds new pineapple

Australian scientists claim to have bred a new pineapple with double the Vitamin C of existing varieties

Australia breeds new pineapple

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Fruit scientists in Australia say they have bred a pineapple with double the Vitamin C content of existing varieties, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

A 15-year government-industry joint venture breeding programme has given rise to the Aus-Jubilee pineapple.

Primary Industries Minister Tim Mulherin said the Aus-Jubilee was selected for its aromatic flavour, low acidity, firm flesh and good coloration.

"It has twice the Vitamin C of other pineapples, making it a natural choice for parents wanting a healthy, delicious snack for the kids," he said.

It is also resistant to internal browning and other blemishes, he said.

Queensland government scientists, Horticulture Australia and Queensland's pineapple growers were involved in developing Aus-Jubilee, the Herald said.

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