VitaFresh Botanicals

AgroFresh Solutions has announced the launch of new plant-based, edible coatings for fresh produceunder itsVitaFreshBotanicals brand.

The solutionsutilise ‘anti-thirst’ technology to boost the skin’s natural protection,creatinga ‘double skin’ membrane that reduces dehydration, maintains weight and locks in produce freshness throughout thesupply chain.

The coatings will be available under VitaFreshBotanicals,aproprietary,plant-basedportfolio ofsolutionsfora wide variety of crops fromcitrusto avocadostomangoes.

Jordi Ferre, chief executive of AgroFresh, said the launch represented another step forward inthe company’s commitment to providing the most innovative solutions to extend produce shelf life, reduce foodloss/foodwaste and deliver superior eating experiences to consumers.

“AgroFreshhas a long history of innovationandawell-earned reputation as atrusted leader in allscience and applicationaspects of produce freshness.VitaFreshBotanicals is an important next step for our customers, providing true edible coatings and technical performanceadapted to each crop’s uniquephysiology,in a flexible and operator-friendly format,”said Ferre.

“We’re proud to provide innovative and effective AgTechsolutions to theindustry andare excited to bring this powerful new brand to market.”

Ann Beaulieu, AgroFresh’s vice president of research and development and regulatory, said the sustainable were created using certified ISO 14001 ‘environmental management system’ standards.

“Unlike coatings that require higher drying temperatureswith 40 per cent more energy usage, VitaFreshBotanicalsproductsoffer enhanced drying at lower temperatures,” said Beaulieu.

“Our formulation stabilisation process helps operators preserve produce, maintain freshness throughout the supply chain, and ship longer distances, generating cost-efficiencies and helping growers and packers sell more produceworldwide. Further, because VitaFresh Botanicals are edible coatings, they can be used on crops where the skin is eaten, including in the European Union.”