Lesley Shield

The Australian Horticultural Exporters’ and Importers’ Association (AHEIA) has announced the appointment of Lesley Shield as its new chief executive.

With more than 30 years involvement in the horticultural industry in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Shield brings a wealth of experience to the role.

Her career has encompassed the development and management of successful fresh produce import and export trading operations based in Australia and New Zealand, focusing on the Asian markets.

During the 12 years Shield spent living in Asia, she took a leading role in the development and execution of the successful Retail Active Selling Programme which was launched in selected retail stores in Thailand in 2005 and is still operating today.

Shield said she has no doubt her understanding of the supply chain from growers to export and consumers will assist the board of AHEIA in providing a strong platform of representation and growth for its members.

AHEIA chairman Joe Saina thanks outgoing chief executive, Andréa Magiafoglou on behalf of the board. Magiafoglou held the position of chief executive for the last three years.

“We acknowledge what she has achieved both at a member level, and AHEIA organisational level,” said Saina. “Andréa’s high-level representation has put our association in a good stead with industry stakeholders and regulators.”